~MY FLAW~ 100 Word Prompt

                        Tardy Everyday I awake to a race with the clock. For as long as I can remember, world time and “my time” have never been on the same accord. Fifteen minutes of world time was equivalent to forty-five minutes of “my time”. I hit [...]

Oblivious Dream Crushers

Mom: So you have a website, why am I the last to know? Me: Yeah well the internet is big business right know and I get to promote what I love. Mom: I always told ya you had God-given talent Me: You know what I remember? I remember 8th grade I told you I wanted [...]

Memoirs Of Love Lost

He was the son of kings, hope unto prophetic dreams: sunrise at dawn, a soul's remedy to calm and I was his godess. So could it be reality? Or misconception? I have seen this before; reiteration with indistinct correlation. They were thought to be the sons of kings: reserved personifications, mistaken nobilities. To my surprise, [...]

This Is My Testimony

December 2005, I lay in a hospital bed wondering why I couldn't see out of one eye. "What is this tingling in my spine? Why have I lost total control of my blatter? Why has my walk turned into a limp?" Doctors called it #MultipleSclerosis (Many Scars). I remember begging God for my vision. I [...]