Memoirs: Relentless

   Relentless “A Dedication to Phyllis”

Why was there so much water behind her eyes? Her tone was like an over-exaggerated jubilee, a plethora of conflicted emotions that could only be disguised and seemingly tamed with a smile. She must have thought the wider her smile, the quieter her inner turmoil would become. I could relate and likewise, intrigued by her mystic ways… I see that your nightmares swallow you. There was a façade of pride and dignity that long ago dwindled down congruently in the midst of her adversity, her long suffering, her woe. Despite all of that, no less was her humanity and no dimmer was her smile. Her stature was assertive, bold yet poise. Whatever her weakness, out of it magnified her strength. She was relentless!

                                                ~ Jeanine Monique

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